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Where is Catspaw located?

Catspaw subdivision is located in Jackson County, North Carolina in the southwest corner of the state. (See the map below) The county seat is Sylva.  Our United States Post Office is located in Cullowhee, although our physical location is about 20 miles south between Franklin and Lake Glenville or Thorpe Dam.  To drive to Catspaw, it is a beautiful drive up either Walnut Creek or Pine Creek Roads to the top of the pass.  Turn in when you see the small mail building and the flower garden with the bird houses.  Follow the signs to Catspaw.  Even in summer, don't forget to bring a jacket!  It is always 10-15 degrees cooler than Franklin in the summer.


From Franklin
:  Take US 64 East toward Highlands for 6 miles from the 441 bypass.  Just past orange warning signs for trucks, turn LEFT onto Walnut Creek Road.  Drive 6 miles to the very top of the road.  Turn RIGHT on Walnut Gap Road by the brown roof and green mail kiosk with a flower garden in front.  Follow Walnut Gap Road for about 1/2 mile to enter Catspaw.  Driving time - about 30 minutes

From Cashiers:  Take Highway 107 North past Lake Glenville and through the small town of Glenville about 6.3 miles. Turn left onto Pine Creek Road for 6.9 miles.  After leaving the lake, be careful to stay on Pine Creek Road, especially where North Norton Road begins and Pine Creek Road takes an unexpected turn to the right.  Follow the sign to Franklin.  At the top of Pine Creek Road, turn left onto Walnut Gap Road by the covered mailbox kiosk.  Driving time - about 28 minutes.